What are treated by laparoscopy


Pain upon and after surgery

If you have main anesthesia, during a operation, you will not feel anything - just go to sleep and wake up. With local anesthesia can be slack and bursting pain in a abdomen, numbness in a legs. Of the surgery may be weakness and drowsiness for several hours, and pain in the throat due to a tube. Help throat lozenges and gargling with warm saline water.

At some time you will be transferred to a ward for observation. On a like or next time, depending on a state you can go home. May feel bloating, abdominal pain, and around the cuts. You must not drink carbonated beverages, not to add to bloating, nausea and vomiting.

Gas used for laparoscopy, may cause slight irritation of the diaphragm. May appear not strong pain in a shoulder a duo of days. Small amount of gas may penetrate the skin around the incision, causing a rustling and bloating. It's not scary and passes in a few days.

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