Sex during gestation poses, fears and new sensations


With that, may or may not possess sex, understood. What about the item in which the expectant mum will be comfortable to indulge in amorous pleasures? And what if a future Pope who fear intimacy?

Sex positions upon pregnancy

In the first trimester of a intimate life of the parents does not differ from doberemennogo period, but in the second and 3-rd pair keep to adapt to actively growing belly. In general, a farther a quaintness. For example, from 12-13 weeks, experts recommend to completely abandon the positions, in which a woman lies on her back: potyazhelevshaya uterus may pinch blood vessels and obstruct blood flow, and how a effect instead of excitement and pleasure you have dizziness, weakness and nausea.

Here are any positions that, according to doctors, are a safest for pregnant gerls upon the second and 3-rd trimesters.

"Rider": a man, lying or sitting, girl on top.

Pros: On a belly did not press, partner itself controls the depth and power of penetration.

Cons: In the finish three months of actively moving quite tightly, and deep penetration, easily attainable in this position, can bring discomfort.

Yield: not move up and down, just back and forth - this will help cut a physical stress experienced by a girl 18 years old in such a position.

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