Seven habits that rob us of a power


Lovers sit on a diet can be divided into 3 groups. About (and minority) did manage, of the sitting on a regimen, to part with excess gravity. A others did not - and they leave their attempts to restrict a dietary. Still others stay awake and select all a new regimen or beginning the like any time again.

It is these persistent fans diet are at risk. They always enjoy a sense of guilt and frustration complete a unfulfilled plans for weight loss, strive to punish all the more strict diet, suffer with constant hunger (and often - with the lack of essence substances). How a result, they are broken again. No issue how trite, but will once again repeat itself: a ration need be balanced, and attempts to lose gravity successfully alone if they are accompanied by physical activity.

3-rd: chronic pain

About people who experience chronic pain, for years put off a visit to the doctor, guided by considerations such as: "Today, it seems easier - can do it stop hurting?".

However, studies show that among patients with depression, post-traumatic stress syndrome, and chronic pain, there are some similarities. This however-called dezaptatsionnaya reaction, which is expressed in muscle weakness, loss of appetite and libido, reduced bodily activity, restless sleep and poor concentration. Such a person always feels exhausted, drained, and this greatly reduces the capacity of life.

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