5 ways to restore youth


Contour Plastics

What is this?

Filling wrinkles drugs based on collagen and hyaluronic acid.

How are you?

In essence, this is the ordinary shots in the skin. Alone there are many. Does not hurt, rather unpleasant. If you do not must to feel even a slightest discomfort, ask a anesthesia.

So what?

After a procedure is finished, you can recover back home. Typical "postukolovye" moments, like redness and swelling of the skin at the injection site, pain or itching - a normal phenomenon associated with these manipulations. Normally you go through 1-2 times. Upon a 1st any times after the process, avoid a sun, and avoid saunas and a solarium.

Since hyaluronic acid and collagen are part of the body, the effect does not put long - tighten facial skin earlier our skin eyes. In the correction of deep skin wrinkles repeat injection usually takes 78-12 months.

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