Moms share the experience: a bag to the hosp.




Alarm "suitcase" collected in progress

I had TWO of the packet:

1) All for ourselves and for the baby, and put all however needed (ie for each kid at the bottom) packet great

What's included:

Daddy clear it all documents



Gown shirt, 2 shirts

TWO items of socks

Pants (I had a most conventional way to say do not mind so throw 5) or postoperative

Little package: it is not a great shampoo, toothbrush, tooth paste tube of the smallest, alone solid deodorant, razor, comb, mirror)

Washroom paper,

Mug, spoon

One towel for the body and one little, which you permitted to use for the legs

Pads thick night I took 3 packs without mesh with chamomile

Fresh pads are highly healthy

I as well took a 2 pack, just in case

So for a baby:

Soap dispenser with a baby is more easy to apply for long enough

Diapers dragged it to discharge you prigodyatsya 4

Socks 4

Hat, but she is not good, it was unnecessarily hot (summer)


Fresh pump may then bring

2 pelenochki

And wipes for newborn

2) h2o meringue 2 small bottles of gas. One was permitted to take no longer directly in the delivery rooms and bodies. Just one of the packages I found free

Cookies or crackers really want so there may be little. Chocolate for yourself

We also bought a pack of 4 pieces of chocolate there, I handed them midwives to give your money to only one husband then bought a bunch of flowers.

Same all

And to extract for himself and baby at home I prepared a pack in progress for 3 week

All the luck

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