Lymphatic massotherapy at home


Now gaining popularity this service beauty salons and medic centers, so compression massotherapy (otherwise pressure therapy, lymphatic drainage massotherapy).

Translated from the Greek «lympha» - water. Commonplace phrase that the human aging body consists of 80% of a fluid is under a certain cause, and great circulation of blood and lymph - this is one of the keys to a hygiene of the aging body.

What is a lymphatic drainage massotherapy?

A process is however follows - on foot (at times on the hands or aging body), wear sleeves, which are located inside the sealed air chamber into which a predetermined boost pressure. Due to compression of the cuff around the parts of the body to which they are put, has the effect of compression massage. Depending on the set program of massage, air enters a cuff with a certain sequence and pressure. Accordingly, a more cameras inside each cuff, a more carefully the impact.

This massotherapy is not without reason, is popular. This proceedings is really useful, specifically for those who spend a long time "on his feet." Every woman knows how correctly, after a long "journey" walk, lie down on a bed and put your feet on a platform. In this position, the outflow of blood with a stagnant blood vessels and capillaries, and lymph flow.

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