However dangerous cord entanglement


Cord entanglement: Causes

Expanding child makes lots of movement - and a less the gestation, the nimble small fellow (the closer he has deliveries more closely in the uterus, and so, a activity is dropped).

Imagine frolicking dolphins - somersaults, flips, somersaults, spirals of varying complexity. Similarly, a run inside your belly baby - and a one of these "trick" may cause entanglement umbilical cord around one or another part of his aging body. Fair to say that a baby is equally properly how spins and spins a loop of umbilical cord. That is why a ultrasound diagnosis of "entanglement umbilical cord around a neck skin (torso, pens, etc.)" - this is not a cause for moms and dads to immediately began to tear his thin hair. Rather, it is a signal for a leading obstetrician childbearing - at the present time need to watch future mum and her baby a little closer, and, in addition, you want to conduct additional tests.

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