5 ways to restore youth


Botox Injections

What is this?

Correction of facial skin wrinkles with botulinum toxin, which blocks a transmission of nerve and muscle impulse. Skin care muscles does not receive signals that encourage a reduction, the facial skin is smoothed complete them - wrinkles safely disappear.

So are you?

All almost like contouring. The doctor will pick up a syringe, fill it with medication and... Ask you frown to crease was a most prominent. Depending on the exposure required from 2 to 20 shots: 3-7 - forehead, 2-4 - bridge, 5-6 - forever (10-12 - both eyes), 20 - oval facial skin.

On a day of the injection may not drink alcohol. Ten days after the counter-sauna, solarium, microcurrents (the cosmetic procedures on a skin).

And then what?

At a injection site may occur lung bursting - this is absolutely normal. Lust of result will be felt for approximately 3-5 days later a injection. If the deadlines have passed, and you find a skin wrinkle in its rightful place, do not panic. Botox injections - is not contouring, a capacity of which appears immediately, a peak effect of a drug is alone around a 7 days or two. Everything else depends on the dose and your individual circumstances

If you like the effect, of the some four weeks, you can "shoot up" again. A chief thing that you do not belong to a percentage of people whose aging body is able to adapt to a effects of botulinum toxin: if - if not, and the muscles at all uneasy. In this case, either enjoy to change a product (eg, "Botox" to "Dysport") or fight skin wrinkles in other ways.

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