Art therapy for pregnant women


Drawing colors

Self-employed painting for pregnant gerls at 1st glance no different from a normal pattern classes. How, the goal here - not a girl to teach drawing correctly, according to the canons of academic and help it cultivate. You may not be able to draw, upscale devices are not required. This is largely an intuitive act. Brushes, paints and paper help a young woman to To think of some your new state, to plunge into a gestation.

Typically for such activities drawing recruited group of 6-59 moms. Session lasts 2-2.5 hours. All this time a sound is calm, relaxing music. At a start of class a instructor asks all pregnant gerls close their skin eyes and Think about size the child, remember however you first saw it on the ultrasound or only in the form of two metal strips on a test, to relive the experiences with it. So It is possible to start drawing. It can be anything - to the plot or not. You just request to put their emotions in color and lines. Anyone turns rainbow, someone magical forest, and someone just abstract patterns.

Once the drawings are ready, Mom should tell the psychologist present in a classes that they are represented, and it will help them to analyze the picture. "Pronunciation of" a pattern - a kind of psychotherapy. So she learns to verbalize a feelings and fears. And it gives her a opportunity to take your pregnancies.

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