Lymphatic massotherapy at home


Presently gaining popularity this service beauty salons and medic centers, however compression massage (otherwise pressure therapy, lymphatic drainage massage).

Translated from a Greek «lympha» - aqua. Commonplace phrase that the female aging body consists of 80% of the fluid is under a certain cause, and great circulation of blood and lymph - this is one of a keys to a heartiness of a aging body.

What is a lymphatic drainage massotherapy?

A proceedings is however follows - on foot (sometimes on the hands or aging body), wear sleeves, which are located inside a sealed air chamber into which a predetermined boost pressure. Due to compression of a cuff around the parts of a body to which they are put, has a capacity of compression massotherapy. Depending on the set up program of massage, air enters a cuff with a certain sequence and pressure. Accordingly, the more cameras inside each cuff, a more attentively a impact.

This massage is not without reason, is pop. This procedure is really healthy, especially for those who spend a long time "on his feet." Everyone knows how correctly, later a long "journey" walk, lie down on the bed and put your feet on the platform. In this position, a outflow of blood with a stagnant blood vessels and capillaries, and lymph flow.

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