Five ways to restore youth


Botox Injections

What is this?

Correction of masks and face care wrinkles with botulinum toxin, which blocks a transmission of nerve and muscle impulse. Masks and face care muscles does not get signals that encourage a reduction, a face is smoothed over them - skin wrinkles safely disappear.

How are you?

All almost similar contouring. The physician will put a syringe, fill it with medication and... Ask you frown to crease was the most prominent. Depending on a exposure required from 2 to 20 shots: 3-7 - forehead, 2-4 - bridge, 5-6 - forever (10-12 - both eyes), 20 - oval face.

On a day of a injection can not drink alcohol. Ten times later a counter-sauna, solarium, microcurrents (a cosmetic procedures on a face).

So what?

At the injection site may occur lung bursting - this is absolutely normal. Lust of effect will be felt for about 3-5 days of the a injection. If a deadlines have passed, and you find a skin wrinkle in its rightful put, do not panic. Botox injections - is not contouring, a effect of which appears immediately, a peak capacity of a drug is only approximately a week or two. Anything else depends on a dose and your individual circumstances

If you like the result, later about the size of four weeks, It is possible to "shoot up" again. The general thing that you do not belong to the percentage of people whose body is able to adapt to the effects of botulinum toxin: if - if not, and a muscles at all uneasy. In this case, either possess to substitute a product (eg, "Botox" to "Dysport") or fight skin wrinkles in other ways.

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