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Papin shopping

If the family do not have accustomed superstitions such as "do not buy the baby earlier birth", you will be a small easier: most likely in a house along has at least a cot. But for those who get to equip children with scratch do not despair - not too a lot of items child newborn really claim in the 1st any days at home. So this:

- Cot;

- Orthopedic mattress for her;

- Blankets: wool and flannel, 2 bed sheet and two duvet covers;

- Two butter-cloth or a set of disposable diapers size 60x90 cm;

- Newborn bath;

- Thermometer for aqua;

- Diapers - 30 pieces (if you possess a baby was born big, do not buy diapers for babies, he will grow out of them quickly, buy a ones that are designed for infants between 3 and 6 kg);

- Bath towel for the child;

- Two bottles with nipples;

- Chlorhexidine hlorofillipta, cream for diaper with zinc Bepanten, series or daisy (for swimming), nasal drops with sea h2o or saline;

- Sterile cotton wool;

- Children wash powder (on the label should say that they can bath clothes and child clothes);

- 3-4 undershirts and however a lot of sliders - done of cotton;

- TWO-3 heartwarming sweaters and a pair of soft sliders;

- 3-4 flannel and cotton napkins;

- Light and heartwarming hats;

- 2 pacifiers.

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