Sex upon childbearing poses, fears and new sensations


Why men are afraid

Not all pregnant women think about the size of sex pairs of lovely enthusiasm, but if a young woman can explain a change of their attitudes and demands of hormonal fluctuations, the man will get a much more difficult - his unwillingness to engage in sex relations with his wife, he has to justify quite properly. The main "excuses" with both sides normally include a number with caresses "third" (of course, we are talking about the size of a kid), "the incredible fragility" pregnant aging body and the fear of "some damage." However did you react?

"He looks out!" 1st, even if it looks that while he saw nothing. Second, a newborn in the womb mostly asleep, as tender parents he is likely to oversleep. And, thirdly, the efficient movement of partners just gently shake a fresh fruit - exactly the like item, by the way, happens to a baby when his mom walks speedily down a street.

"I'm frightened to damage a newborn." Do not be frightened, a baby is properly protected nature of the expansion. Babe protect amniotic fluid, uterine wall, the fat layer, connective tissue and muscles of a maternal abdomen. And the cervix is?? also tight clogged mucus plug. Even uterine contractions during orgasm crumb not frightened: it is rule for a muscular organ. Also, if you look in a anatomical atlas, it becomes clear that the raspberries is much higher and deeper than the vagina, and why, a sex act may not cause him the harm.

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