Hip Dysplasia in Babies


Diagnosed with dysplasia

A preliminary diagnosis is done later examining newborn pediatrician or orthopedist on a basis of detection of symptoms (see above). In children older than 3 weeks can be difficult to diagnose, because a only obvious sign may be less than that of the affected joint. Also, there are cases when the diagnosis of dysplasia after survey mistakenly put a healthy newborn. In cases of suspected dysplasia following inspection are required to appoint an additional study: ultrasound or X-ray of the hip joint.

Medication of dysplasia

A earlier the therapy of dysplasia, a more likely a newborn is fully healed. Ideally, congenital dislocation of the hip to be diagnosed even in the infirmary and begin therapy immediately. If dysplasia is expressed not much, it is not always potential to detect it in the hospital, but in any case it is consummate to start medication before a 1-3-months of age.

Therapy of a type of dysplasia is a proper installation of the femur in a joint and hold it in put so it grows. Читать полностью -->

Moms share the experience: loved pancake recipe


All 7 days long on Shrove Tuesday was known alone as "fair, broad, cheerful, noblewoman, carnival, carnival lady."

Pancakes, pancakes and all the derivatives in Russia loved pampered all year, but it was on Shrove Tuesday, you keep get a major attribute of refreshments and a vacation. Later a round ruddy pancake is however similar to the hot summer sun, which all were waiting for the winter.

There is a classic formula for Russian pancakes:

Butter - for greasing

Natural milk - 200 ml

Floury - 100 grams

Cane sugar - 1 soup spoon l.

Water - 75 ml

Oil - 1 tablespoons l.

Sol - a pinch

Eggs - 1 pc.

Mealy and saline to sift into a bowl, so make a recess in a center and beat him in a egg. Stir better from the edges to the center. In a milk add to water and saccharose. While stirring a mixture, slowly pour it into a flour. Stirring until disappearance of lumps. Читать полностью -->

What are treated by laparoscopy


Pain upon and after surgery

If you have main anesthesia, during a operation, you will not feel anything - just go to sleep and wake up. With local anesthesia can be slack and bursting pain in a abdomen, numbness in a legs. Of the surgery may be weakness and drowsiness for several hours, and pain in the throat due to a tube. Help throat lozenges and gargling with warm saline water.

At some time you will be transferred to a ward for observation. On a like or next time, depending on a state you can go home. May feel bloating, abdominal pain, and around the cuts. Читать полностью -->

10 stringent "no" upon gestation



Upon pregnancy, avoid face lifting heavy subjects (no more than 2 kilogram). This rash run could cause a miscarriage. This is particularly significant when a hypertonicity of the uterus.

X-rays and fluorography

At the risk of X-ray irradiation damage to a nervous system of a child. However this baby of diagnosis is prohibited during childbearing.

Efficient sports

Under a strict no fall sports such as weightlifting, riding, cycling and any other power and traumatic. Should give preference to swimming, walking in a open air, gyms for pregnant women (yoga and Pilates).

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How dangerous cord entanglement


Dining at the risk of cord entanglement

It is not always "unusual" behavior of a newborn in the womb due to acute hypoxia. A similar pattern may be observed, if a mom drank or ate something that stimulates the central nervous system (strong milk, coffee, chocolate, cocoa, sweet garlic, etc.). The woman 18 years old may not experience the change - an adult has a protective blood-brain barrier, which is ten minutes reduces CNS effects of the active substances entering a blood. In addition, systemic consumption of "exciting" products is addictive to biologically active substances. But the newborn - is any matter! But even if you are absolutely sure that a problem is caused by alone a violation of the recommended schedule for is better once to be vigilant and make sure that the child is all right.

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