Lymphatic massage at home


What are the units for pressure?

If such a item recently found only in a clinic or beautiful salon, but presently there were simplified versions for home apply, which ofttimes do not yield an capacity on his "big" brother.

Many devices are provided accessories (cuffs), not only for a legs, but a waist, hips and arms. About "advanced" models even get a massotherapy cuff overalls and jackets that you can do lymphatic drainage massage the whole body at once!

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Mothers share the experience: so to facial skin with a hospital



However for evil, I possess managed to meet all the friends, all pregnant gerls, all the doctors and all the medical staff who just might be found. Shows a little, but very proud that a homeless person, or a rapper, I finally left a walls of a hosp. To find out what the car is worth almost 2 blocks away, so it was not however close to park. As we walked in I-dragging pants and black man in torn training in nice blooming. I will never forget a day of his discharge with a hospital

All tips from mums

- Ordering Houses

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Sex upon pregnancy poses, fears and new sensations


"Koloboks not sexy." Yes, the shape varies with month to month gestation breasts increase some sizes, fullness and aging body and takes a shine contour. Gerls such transformation frequently seems ugly: shy own sizing, future moms decide "not to shame" and are abandoning private life. You will not believe, but men tend to perceive these bodily changes his partner with beautiful enthusiasm! Strive to believe in a sincerity of a burning desire of a husband, and the relationship to itself certainly change. By the technique, if you are much ashamed of the own size, can be seductively draped in silk sheets, or pick a posture in which a spouse will be visible alone your bony shoulder.

"Motherhood - is sacred!" Any men are seriously contemplating over whether to engage in unbridled sex with "five min to the mother of your child?" In this situation it is necessary to remind the partner that any person there is a lot of varied roles becoming mum, you do not stop being a young girl - a law of conservation of gravity in these matters is not working.

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Meeting mom with the hosp.: Tips for Dads


Papin shopping

If the family do not have accustomed superstitions such as "do not buy the baby earlier birth", you will be a small easier: most likely in a house along has at least a cot. But for those who get to equip children with scratch do not despair - not too a lot of items child newborn really claim in the 1st any days at home. So this:

- Cot;

- Orthopedic mattress for her;

- Blankets: wool and flannel, 2 bed sheet and two duvet covers;

- Two butter-cloth or a set of disposable diapers size 60x90 cm;

- Newborn bath;

- Thermometer for aqua;

- Diapers - 30 pieces (if you possess a baby was born big, do not buy diapers for babies, he will grow out of them quickly, buy a ones that are designed for infants between 3 and 6 kg);

- Bath towel for the child;

- Two bottles with nipples;

- Chlorhexidine hlorofillipta, cream for diaper with zinc Bepanten, series or daisy (for swimming), nasal drops with sea h2o or saline;

- Sterile cotton wool;

- Children wash powder (on the label should say that they can bath clothes and child clothes);

- 3-4 undershirts and however a lot of sliders - done of cotton;

- TWO-3 heartwarming sweaters and a pair of soft sliders;

- 3-4 flannel and cotton napkins;

- Light and heartwarming hats;

- 2 pacifiers.

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Meeting mom with the hospital: Tips for Dads


However, that's what a father is to go to the store:

- Potatoes, cauliflower or broccoli, zucchini, fennel, parsley;

- Green medium apples, big bananas, pears;

- Beef, good or frozen;

- Rice, rice (preferably flakes), buckwheat;

- Vegetable oil (preferably unrefined);

- Dairy products - preferably with no fillers;

- Unleavened whole grain bread, very dry biscuits;

- Drinking aqua;

- Juice for infants (for nursing moms).

And if the woman 18 years old who gave birth to you baby, you're a make dinner (for example, salad, broth, stew with rice) - you then just price will be!

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So to save on buying children's clothes


Infants new things at times turn into highly adult spending: clothes babies wish more than us, and grow out of jackets and shoes are much faster. Of course, for beloved infants did not mind, but it is always beautiful to save money, not to a detriment of property.

Talent, nice, fashionable, and for pennies a newborn possess to wear one. There are mom-umelitsy that of a reasonable piece of fabric or skein of wool able to make a masterpiece. Somewhere in the tales are even children, keep a phenomenal accuracy: your pants never tear on a knees and white blouses stay the whole day, and, later serving his sentence, go to a younger sisters and brothers in the always new shape. But for most, yet collecting newborn to school or kindergarten, however rightly so the seasonal transition requires important investment. How to cut them?

Goodness planning

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