Moms share their experience: a therapy of a common cold-blooded upon gestation


Caviar fresh fish, however properly how the fish itself, contains a range of vitamins and minerals that are vital to well-being. It is considered safe for use during pregnancy and lactation, provided that it is fine cooked or pasteurized. According to the American nutritionist Kimberly A. Tessmer (Kimberley A. Tessmer), unpasteurized egg in fish can breed bacteria listeria. Listeria may as well be found in the raw crab used for sushi. Читать полностью -->

So to save on buying children's clothes


Infants new things at times turn into highly adult spending: clothes babies wish more than us, and grow out of jackets and shoes are much faster. Of course, for beloved infants did not mind, but it is always beautiful to save money, not to a detriment of property.

Talent, nice, fashionable, and for pennies a newborn possess to wear one. There are mom-umelitsy that of a reasonable piece of fabric or skein of wool able to make a masterpiece. Somewhere in the tales are even children, keep a phenomenal accuracy: your pants never tear on a knees and white blouses stay the whole day, and, later serving his sentence, go to a younger sisters and brothers in the always new shape. But for most, yet collecting newborn to school or kindergarten, however rightly so the seasonal transition requires important investment. How to cut them?

Goodness planning

Be around closely with baby clothes closet. Читать полностью -->

Sex upon gestation poses, fears and new sensations


"Koloboks not sexy." Yes, a form varies with month to month childbearing breasts increase several sizes, fullness and body and takes a polish contour. Women such transformation often seems ugly: shy own size, next mums decide "not to shame" and are abandoning private life. You will not believe, but men tend to perceive these bodily changes his partner with fine enthusiasm! Strive to believe in a sincerity of a burning desire of the helpmate, and a relationship to itself certainly replace. By the method, if you are much ashamed of a own sizing, may be seductively draped in silk sheets, or choose the posture in which the spouse will be visible alone a bony shoulder.

"Motherhood - is sacred!" Some men are seriously contemplating over whether to engage in unbridled sex with "five min to a mom of your child?" In this situation it is necessary to remind your partner that every person there is a lot of variant roles becoming mother, you do not stop being a woman 18 years old - the law of conservation of gravity in these matters is not working.

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Can I eat crab, egg and seafood are pregnant or nursing?


It is believed that some crab can cause an allergic reaction in a child. And although it is much rarer than a reaction to cow's milk protein, we recommend to do as with any potentially allergenic foods - introduce them gradually, in small portions, and to closely monitor the reaction with the child.

To minimize the risk of possible disease by eating fish, seafood, caviar and sushi, you wish to follow the rules of choice, storage and making of crab and seafood. While breastfeeding does not hurt to enjoy your favorite dishes, and will bring only joy and benefit you and your child!

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Moms share the experience: a bag to the hosp.




Alarm "suitcase" collected in progress

I had TWO of the packet:

1) All for ourselves and for the baby, and put all however needed (ie for each kid at the bottom) packet great

What's included:

Daddy clear it all documents



Gown shirt, 2 shirts

TWO items of socks

Pants (I had a most conventional way to say do not mind so throw 5) or postoperative

Little package: it is not a great shampoo, toothbrush, tooth paste tube of the smallest, alone solid deodorant, razor, comb, mirror)

Washroom paper,

Mug, spoon

One towel for the body and one little, which you permitted to use for the legs

Pads thick night I took 3 packs without mesh with chamomile

Fresh pads are highly healthy

I as well took a 2 pack, just in case

So for a baby:

Soap dispenser with a baby is more easy to apply for long enough

Diapers dragged it to discharge you prigodyatsya 4

Socks 4

Hat, but she is not good, it was unnecessarily hot (summer)


Fresh pump may then bring

2 pelenochki

And wipes for newborn

2) h2o meringue 2 small bottles of gas. One was permitted to take no longer directly in the delivery rooms and bodies. Just one of the packages I found free

Cookies or crackers really want so there may be little. Chocolate for yourself

We also bought a pack of 4 pieces of chocolate there, I handed them midwives to give your money to only one husband then bought a bunch of flowers.

Same all

And to extract for himself and baby at home I prepared a pack in progress for 3 week

All the luck

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Lymphatic massage at home


What are a units for pressure?

If such a device newly found alone in a clinic or nice salon, but today there were simplified versions for home apply, which often do not yield an effect on his "big" brother.

Many devices are provided accessories (cuffs), not alone for the legs, but a waist, hips and arms. Approximately "advanced" models even enjoy a massage cuff overalls and jackets that you can do lymphatic drainage massotherapy a whole aging body at once!

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